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Monday, August 28, 2006

The World Cup
The World Cup has advantages and disadvantages.
The advantages are: good organization, good security, good stadiums and good performance from Argentine referee.
The disadvantages are: that the referees are localist and corrupted. There weren't good teams. The World Cup has bribe and business to.


Hi!!! My name is Cinthia.My friends call me POLLY. I'm sixteen years old. I live in Valentin Alsina, Lanus. I go to Arzobispo Gorge Matulaitis school. I have my mother, my father and my brother.
I love playing handball and listening music so in my free time I listen music. I go out to my friends, chat and watch tv to.
My football team is RIVER. I love go to the stadium with my brother and father.
I have a pet. It name is Patan. My dog is very beautiful and intelligent.